GREFICA Monster bag S without zipper





We made a large bag called “Monster bag” for town use. As the bag is used, wrinkles will appear and it will become more comfortable. It can be folded because it does not have a bottom board. GREFICA’s Monster Bag S is a casual bag without a zipper. The inside pocket has a zipper.
UV track sheet fabric with YKK custom-made double zipper.
Inside pocket with zipper
Bottom 33cmx26cm
width 65cm x length 40cm x depth 26cm
UV track sheets are more densely woven than leisure sheets (blue sheets) and are reinforced by exposing them to UV light, making them very durable.
Unlike PVC, it does not become sticky even after long use.
In addition, when soiled, they can be washed in the shower, which is also a good feature.
What is GRAFICA?
GRAFICA is a brand of Satoshi Kokubun, famous for the March cherry blossom event at Garden by the Bay in Singapore and for creating gardens. Started selling exclusively through our company.
We are sure that our bags, made of light and durable materials and with a focus on design, will be useful in your life’s work.