Sakagen floral scissors F-170 moss green white blade



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We have been waiting for several months for orders because we are currently selling our products all over the world, but once you use them, you will be surprised at how well they cut and fit in your hand, how hard they are to drop, and how ergonomically superior they are.
The scissors of Sakamoto Corporation, a 100-year-old company in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, which is also a gift of the Imperial Household, are loved all over the world.

天皇皇后両陛下が御買い上げされた“庭園バサミ”と進化する“生花ハサミ” 坂源

What makes these scissors so special is that they are very light and sharp, but also that they have a rust-resistant finish on the cutting edge for easy cleaning. (Like a Teflon coating.) They are hard to drop and have a shape that is easy to apply force to, making them an ergonomically friendly design and a Good Design product. Heavy users like florists and flower designers will be very happy with these scissors. Please give it a try.
Size: 17 cm (length), 11 cm (width)
Weight 135g