Set of 3 small planting tools with covers





When I started Yoseue(gathring plants) class at the Green Shop Otonoha next to Chinzan-so in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, I wished I had tools that were easier to use, so I was assigned to supervise the tools and the Yoseue tool set was created.
I lose track of time when I am creating a garden or making yose-planting plants.
If the tools are dark in color, I don’t notice them and sometimes lose them. The color white for handling soil seemed to be resistant to me, but it has the advantage of being easy to find even after dark.
And after all, I like white myself!
All materials are made of stainless steel with carbon, which is rust-resistant and durable. The handle is made of thinned beech wood from Ooshirakawa, a region in Niigata Prefecture with heavy snowfall, called Snow Beach, with white powder coating and a bronze clasp. The handles are made from the sweat and crystallization of a group of master craftsmen in Niigata.
Snow beech is a hard wood, so it is difficult to process, but it is very durable, and even if it gets dirty with dirt, it can be washed to bring back that white bark!
We dared to use thinned wood that is cut down to care for the forest in the hope that it would be put to good use.
We hope you will experience the gentle feel of the white, smooth wood.
This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to garden and grow plants.
This site offers it at this price with a cover.

Scoop 200x95x58mm 100g
Pick 190mmx58mm 38g
Rake 180x55x95mm 120g
Material Stainless steel + powder coating + snow beech

The three-piece small mishoing tool set includes
1. Shovel
The back of the shovel has a stopper to stop soil from spilling. It was not likely that a small shovel with this feature would be available. If it can hold a lot of soil, it is not suitable for mosaic planting, so we finally came up with this shape through trial and error.
Rake The blade tip is not sharp, so there is less possibility of damaging the roots of plants. The rake can efficiently till the soil and smoothly care for plants with clogged roots.
3. pick (root unraveling) If the roots are well unraveled when the pot is removed from the pot, the replanted plants will grow well without stress.
The trick is to gently guide the roots vertically.
It is very useful to have one because you can discover roots that are too long when you untangle them.
If the roots are clogged, they will not grow well, so be sure to unroot them when repotting.

Countries where it is already sold and where it is sold domestically
New York
Shovel and rake
The three-piece set was adopted, even made into a leather-wrapped container, and is now available as a Christmas 2021 product!
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NHK Publishing, known for NHK’s gardening as a hobby.
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La Bonne Aventure
Garden shop Otonoha in Tokyo, bunkyo-ku
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