Ikebana Starter Kit


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1. water basin
Yokkaichi Bankoyaki
Size: 29×18.5×7.5cm
It is a variant of an oval.
It is used for the practice of arranging moribana.
It is better to have a flat bottom to change the position of the kenzan, so it is better to have a certain amount of area.
2. Vessel for throwing in Nageire (tall cylindrical vessel)
The rim of the vase needs to have a certain degree of strength when it is clasped with a cross-shaped clasp.
Thin glass is not suitable. Ceramic or porcelain is more suitable.
A vase with an inside dimension of about 8 cm is suitable for practice.
It will look good.
Outside Size 9cm x 29cm

3. Kenzan Nichigetsu Large
The kenzan used is the Nichigetsu kenzan. This is because many of the materials used in kata practice are sloped forward, so a half-moon kenzan is used as a weight.
For more information, please see the Kenzan item on this site.

Vase colors currently in stock
Throwing container White
Water basin black