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Kumiko is a Japanese architectural technique that is used to ward off evil spirits, but as Japanese houses are no longer built, many people do not know about it. However, as Japanese houses are no longer being built, many people no longer know about Kumiko. Is there any way to keep Kumiko alive and pass it on to the next generation? When we were consulted, we thought it would be a good idea to make panels that could be carried around more easily.
After much trial and error, we came up with the Kumiko Panel, which was created to meet the challenge of a 100-year-old folding screen shop in Niigata.
I think it will stand out as a decoration when arranging ikebana, or along with decorations for hina dolls and May dolls.
In 2019, I tried to participate in IDES, a design exhibition held in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, and was able to unveil the product at the NEXT booth of Interior Life Living in 2019.
SG Goto, a jewelry store in Hotel Okura, has decided to use it as a jewelry fixture, and Kyoto Craft Center in front of Heian Jingu Shrine has started to carry it. We are pleased to present this product in our online store to make it more widely available for purchase.
It is sold with an acrylic panel so that it can be placed flat and used like a plate.
It is not suitable for placing dishes with sauces, but we are sure it will make a wonderful presentation if you place sushi or Japanese sweets on it.
Product description.
The product is packaged in a black decorative box.
It comes with a Kumiko panel made of cedar wood, an acrylic panel, and a pedestal-shaped stand.
The pedestal should be attached to both sides of the panel from the side.
The base has a non-slip surface to prevent the panel from wobbling, so it can be attached and detached without losing the non-slip surface by pushing it in from the side instead of sliding it in and out.
The material is made from the best red core of thinned precious Akita cedar trees.
The cedar wood is very soft, so please be careful not to put your fingernails on it, as they will leave marks.
The package includes a Kumiko panel, an acrylic glass plate, and two trapezoidal-shaped stands. (Please remove the sheet on the acrylic glass before use.)
Only the acrylic panel can be washed. Do not wash the Kumiko panels.
The inside of the trapezoidal stand has a non-slip surface, so it will stay in place, but please do not slide. Please attach it to the panel by attaching it from the side.
The pattern of Kumiko is a hemp leaf pattern. Hemp leaves have been used in Shinto rituals since ancient times as sacred hemp, and it is said that dressing a newborn baby in a hemp-leaf patterned maternity robe was also meant to ward off evil spirits so that the baby would not get sick. The triangular shape also has the meaning of repelling evil spirits.
Thus, each Kumiko pattern has its own meaning.
We would be happy if more people become interested in them.

Size variation Trapezoid
MA-1 Hemp leaves, boxed, size 11.7 (W) x 30.3 (L) x 1.8 (D) cm, with acrylic panel, 115 g
MA-2 hemp leaves, boxed, size 13 (W) x 28.2 (L) x 1.8 (D) cm, with acrylic panel, 116 g
RI-1 Rindou with box size 11.7 (W) x 30.3 (L) x 1.8 cm (H) with acrylic panel 115g
RI-2 Rindou with box, size 13 (width) x length 28.2 x thickness 1.8cm, with acrylic panel, 116g
From September 10, 2020, Kumiko panels will be on sale at “Niigata100”, a corner space where 100-year-old Niigata companies can enjoy manufacturing, foodstuffs, and sake, located in Hibiya Okuroji, a project for effective utilization of the JR elevated railway tracks near the Imperial Hotel.
Please stop by if you have a chance. Please stop by if you have a chance.
*Currently, we only have gentian pattern obtuse angles.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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